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Hillfort of San Cribrao de Las.

San Cibrao de Las
San Cibrao de Las: a partial view.

The hill fort at San Cibrao de Lás is one of the largest Iron Age hill forts in Galicia, where hundreds are known.

Main entrance
Main entrance and main street of the oppidum.

In times it was a true city, an oppidum, home to some three thousand inhabitants


Although we don’t really know the ancient and original name of this place, we have a Roman times altar, reportedly found in the hill fort, where a dedication to a local god or goddess Bandua (‘To Bandua of Lambri’):


supposedly preserved the name of the place, which would be Lambri, Lansbri, Lanobri… depending on the correct reading of the inscription (Prósper 2002: 258). In any case the second half of the name would be the celtic element -bri ( <  PCl *brig-s < PIE *bhrgh-s), meaning  ‘hill fort’ or ‘hill’ (take a look at this):

Ara from Eiras (Wikipedia)

The modern local name of the local parish where the hillfort is, Lás, was thought to be a modern rendering of the old name, but medieval local records, in Galician, show that Lás derives from Eilães:

“Conuçuda cousa sega a quantos esta carta viren como eu, dona Costança Ferrnandez (…) dou a vos (…) o meu casar d’Alemparte, con todas suas dereituras e con todas sas pertiiças, o cal casar jaz su sino de San Cibraao d’Eilaes” [For the knowledge of anyone who would read this charter I, Lady Costança Fernandez, give to you (…) my hamlet of Alemparte, within all of its limits and together with all of its properties; the aforementioned hamlet is under the sign of Saint Ciprian of Eilaes] (Dozón 1283, doc. 66)

Eilães derives probably from *Egillanis, genitive of the Germanic personal name Egil(l)a (Förstemann 1900: 28), a popular name in medieval Galicia, so Lás means simply ‘Egila’s property’:

∞ ∞ ∞

Some other views of this magnificent hillfort:

Just some high steps.

From the walls.
From the walls.




Old stones and young pinetrees
Old stones and young pine-trees.


The wards' post
The guard post.

Unearthed house
Unearthed house.


Old walls
Old walls.

Pink floyd
Pink Floyd.

An aerial view:

San Cibrao de Las

San Cibrao de Las (


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